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The objects for which the Institute of Plumbing Nigeria is established and incorporated are as relevant today as when they were first drafted at its foundation in 2006.  Current strategies and the mission of the Institute encapsulate the objects repeated below:

The Objects for which the Institute of Plumbing is established and incorporated are:

(a) To hold meetings and provide facilities the delivery of lectures and the holding of discussion and debate upon subjects relating to Plumbing and Associate Callings.

(b) To facilitate the interchange of ideas respecting Plumbing and Associate Callings and to provide for the publications, dissemination and acquisition of information connected with such professions.

(c) To establish, form and maintain a collection of models, designs, drawings and other articles of interest in connection with the development and improvement of the health of the community by means of Plumbing and its Associate Callings.

(d) To establish and operate Chapters within Nigeria or elsewhere.

(e) To protect and improve the professional standards of proficiency and training in Plumbing and Associate Callings and to lay down rules of discipline for the promotion of honourable practice by members of the professions in general 

Rural intervention program on water distiller & cholera prevention method

Our Mission/ Vision

To encourage the plumbing profession, safeguard and protect the health of Nigerians and the environment. To achieve this mission the Institute of Plumbing Nigeria through its national and international membership aims to promote and encourage: Professionalism, The exchange of information, ideas and technology, education and training, Best practice, Innovation, Goodwill within the plumbing industry.

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Project Supervision, Servicing, Training, Intervention program, Standard code development, Energy, Environmental, Health, Sanitation, Certfication

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.Institute of Plumbing Nigeria has an objective to deliver valuable services to members of the institute and the public in general, we organize seminars, workshops, lectures and training for the development of manpower in area of plumbing technology, management and services and to issue proficiency certificate.

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